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The Dolphin Brain Atlas

John I. Johnson, Lori Marino, Keith D. Sudheimer, Kenneth J. Buchanan, Rachel Walter, Brian M. Winn, Garrett M. Kerndt, Fabiano M. Ferreira, D. Ann Pabst, William A. McLellan, James K. Rilling, Kristina K. Davis, Timothy L. Murphy, and Archibald J. Fobbs Jr.
Michigan State University; Emory University; University of North Carolina at Wilmington; National Museum of Health and Medicine, Armed Forces Institute of Pathology

A description of the brain used for the MRI images in this atlas has been published in The Anatomical Record.
Click here for the reference, and for a list of our other publications on cetacean brains.

Introduction and Methods

Sagittal Sections
Horizontal Sections
Selected Labeled Images

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MRI Movies

All Planes Cross-Referenced
(Quicktime Movie - 323 KB)

Complete Cell and Fiber Stained Sections Movies

Coronal Stained
(Quicktime Movie - 4.65 MB)

Horizontal Stained
(Quicktime Movie - 6.64 MB)

Sagittal Stained
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