Michigan State University

Brain Biodiversity Bank

Michigan State University is located in East Lansing, Michigan, a short distance from the State Capitol in Lansing, MI. While administered by the Department of Anatomy in the Colleges of Human, Osteopathic and Veterinary Medicine at Michigan State University, the Michigan State Brain Collection is housed in the College of Natural Science, in Room 3 of the Natural Science Building, adjacent to the departments of Zoology and Geology. It is the home of 156 brain specimens, with special emp hasis on marsupial mammals. As at Wisconsin, the brain sections (97,000) are in metal and wooden boxes on shelves in the Brain Collection Room.

Viewers here have access on site to microscopes and enlargers for viewing histological details of these specimens, and computer facilities for accessing images from and data about the collectons. Digital and film photographic facilities are also available. A histological and darkroom facility is associated with the Michigan State Collection, in Room 1 of the Natural Science Building.

Those who wish to visit the Michigan State Brain Collection can arrange for a visit ahead of time with Josh Vincent vincen29@msu.edu (517-353-3240;FAX=517-432-2443;
or U.S. mail at Anatomy Department, A519 East Fee Hall, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI 48824-1316).

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